by Certified Professional Tarot Reader Lovey

When the thought occurs to you to a have a tarot reading, you should stop what you are doing and ask for guidance to find the reader who will of most benefit to you. This can be done formally in prayer,or simply sending the thought out into the Universe.Your request will be heard and acknowledged.

As you look through the various webpages,there will be one that will hold your attention.You may not even know why.The reader may have walked many different paths that you have not yet experienced, but that will not distract you.You will know that you can open your heart, mind and soul to this person, and the information will be received lovingly and kept confidential.

There is also a myth I would like to address and out to rest once and for all. I'm sure we've all seen the articles that say that if your reader performs many different divinations, they simply want to get their hands on your money in any way possible. That is not true.Let me explain the process of divination.

That same person may be able to pick up a handful of sand or coffee grounds, throw them on a table,and give you a very meaningful reading. The power, the magic, the channeling,is within the reader, not the medium being used. So when you see a reader offer alternative forms of divination,know that it is the same universal energy in different forms which may be more customized to your situation.

We are here to serve you to the best of our ability. Open your heart and invite us in!

Namaste! ( The divinity in me honors and recognizes the divinity in you! )
Lovey CPTR